From the Smart Workshop to the Workshop of the Future - Intelligent and Networked Solutions for Every Size of Business

For some time now, digitization has also been the megatrend in the timber industry. The networking of modern information and communication technology with production has taken on concrete, practice-oriented forms - also for the skilled trades and small and medium-sized enterprises.

This is where the concept of the "Smart Workshop" comes in. It is no longer possible to imagine modern production facilities without intelligent, complete solutions that communicate with one another. In keeping with this development, HOLZ-HER offers sophisticated and integrated manufacturing solutions designed for optimisation, transparency and high added value.

With the HOLZ-HER Systems division, HOLZ-HER offers you the opportunity to fulfil your dream of a "smart workshop".

Industry 4.0 for artisans - always one step ahead with HOLZ-HER.

Automation of individual production processes

With HOLZ-HER Systems to your "smart workshop".

HOLZ-HER-Systems is the competence centre for trend-setting solutions in wood-based panel processing. With our digitalization concept W4.0 digital, we connect your machines with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. It has never been easier to display and automate production sequences in a transparent manner and thus achieve the highest possible added value.

With customer-specific, intelligent manufacturing solutions, we increase the capacity and profitability of your production facility to an optimum. The large number of process automations already implemented worldwide using state-of-the-art machine technology, combined with suitable software solutions, makes HOLZ-HER-Systems the perfect partner for your modern furniture production.

We accompany you on your way to future-proof manufacturing solutions and advise you on the possibilities of highly efficient warehouse designs.

Future security for your business through digitalization of production processes

When working with HOLZ-HER solutions, you reduce scrap and damage to your materials and workpieces. With the automated solutions you increase your capacities, adherence to schedules and at the same time the profitability of your company.

Perfect conditions to be equipped for a successful future. We will be pleased to create an individual solution for you - adapted to your conditions and applications. Contact your HOLZ-HER expert.

Automation solution for small businesses


  • furniture planning module
  • Vertical panel saw with cut optimization
  • edge banding machine
  • Vertical CNC drilling and milling centre


  • Low space requirement
  • Low investment
  • High flexibility

Future workshop by HOLZ-HER


  • Carcase furniture module
  • CNC Machining Center NEXTEC
  • Automatic edge banding machine


  • 100 % added value remains with you
  • Made-to-measure furniture at the touch of a button
  • Fast, simple and precise

Automation solution for artisans


  • Furniture planning module
  • Automatic panel storage
  • Horizontal panel saw
  • Automatic edge banding machine
  • 4-axis CNC machining center


  • High productivity
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Modern production

Automation solution for industry


  • Furniture planning module + production database
  • Automatic panel storage
  • Horizontal panel saw
  • 5-axis nesting machining center
  • Automatic edge banding machine
  • Vertical CNC machining center


  • Transparent data flow
  • Industrial production capacity
  • For a wide range of product segments

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