An example of top layer lamellae production – using WEINIG system solutions

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Over 75 % of the demand for parquet floors is for multilayer parquet. Multilayer parquet consists of two or three layers, where the top layer is made of solid wood. The top layer is manufactured from thin solid wood lamellae that are sorted on the basis of quality and color features. The top layer is glued to the layers underneath to form a parquet element.

Top layer lamellae

Our system solution

We can provide you with perfectly harmonized production lines – that match your required capacity levels and investment:

  1. Unstacking of the blanks in any stacking pattern
  2. Singularizing the blanks more
  3. Measurement of dimensions and moisture content
  4. Pre-planing and precision planing in a single operation
  5. Highly precise, right angled cross-cutting of the blanks more
  6. Stacking and unstacking of the blanks
  7. Splitting of blanks into lamella packs more
  8. Sorting and stacking of graded lamellae

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