title NorDan relies on HOLZ-HER 5-axis technology
description The NorDan Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in the development, marketing and production of secure, attractive and environmentally friendly windows and doors. The company was founded in Norway in 1926 and today 1,700 employees work in ten factories and 25 sales offices in the group. NorDan has trusted in the state-of the-art technology of the WEINIG Group for many years. The latest acquisition in the Swedish door works in Bor is a PRO-MASTER 7225 5-axis CNC machine with a machining length of more than 7 m. Managing Director, Dr. Dag Kroslid: “The new CNC machine from HOLZ-HER replaces an old one and is used to manufacture door leaves. The new CNC machine has a very high level of efficiency and uses the state-of-the-art machine and control systems which NorDan needs in its efforts to achieve digitization and a smart factory. In addition, the PRO-MASTER 7225 is also used for NorDan’s additive manufacturing concept. The NorDan Group has recently invested in a large-format 3D printer for manufacturing doors and windows in the Bor factory. The CNC machine from HOLZ-HER is used for specific machining processes on the 3D printer products. The 3D printer uses granulates in a wide variety of materials, e.g. bio-composites, ABS and TPE. The integration of 3D printers and CNC machines is very interesting and offers more possibilities for additive manufacturing.” <ul><li><link http://www.nordan.no>www.nordan.no</link>&nbsp;</li></ul>